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Further reports made by sick holidaymakers returning from the Hotel Playa Pesquero in Cuba

Holiday Accident Claims Specialist - Claire Rabbetts

Dated: 11th January 2017

We have received further reports of holidaymakers being struck down by gastric illness while staying at the Hotel Playa Pesquero in Cuba, where possible hygiene issues may be to blame for their condition.

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Continuing issues for the Hotel Playa Pesquero in Cuba

This is not the first time that we have received reports of illness at the Hotel Playa Pesquero. Back in November, we were contacted by holidaymakers who said they had contracted Cryptosporidium when there were also reports of hygiene issues.

The Hotel Playa Pesquero is located in the popular Holguin region of the island of Cuba and offered on an all-inclusive basis by package holiday company Thomas Cook. The Cuban resort is advertised as featuring a selection of facilities and restaurants, but it appears that the potential hygiene issues that we reported in November have yet to have been addressed.

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Reports of holiday illness and possible hygiene issues

Reviewers on TripAdvisor generally are quite favourable towards the Hotel Playa Pesquero, which has received quite a few positive reviews. While it appears that they are offering excellent service in some areas, from some reviews it appears that there may be continuing problems with hygiene and holiday illness.

Leicestershire holidaymaker 'gunfield' was a guest in December who made concerning comments about the standard of the wine at the Playa Pesquero, adding that they "all had upset tummies" and they believe that this is due to "the water they wash things in".

'Cindy' also stayed at the Playa Pesquero in December and she says that she encountered issues with the housekeeping staff not thoroughly cleaning her room, including leaving her drinking glass only partially cleaned after she had been unwell. She recommends that you "take stomach medication with you" as she "got so sick from something" that she had to receive treatment from a doctor.

'missjulielee1971' from Folkstone was also a guest in December, and she says that while the hotel grounds are large, she encountered a number of problems. She says that "the food was repetitive and too much put out in one go which meant it was never hot and fresh and food rotation was very bad." She continues to say that "the milk was also off a couple of mornings" and they "heard plenty of others moaning about the food." She says that out of her holiday party "two of [them] went down with stomach cramps and upset tums on more than one occasion", and they "weren't alone". She continues to say that "after talking to other guests" she discovered that "some had spent a lot of money seeing the doctor to relieve their symptoms."

'946PatDev' stayed at the Playa Pesquero last month, and they say that after they "grabbed supper at the buffet" on their first day, and "the next day [they] started to display symptoms of a stomach bacteria". They continue to say that "within three days, four out of five of [them] spent the rest of [their holiday] in the bathroom with cramps and diarrhoea".

Uxbridge holidaymaker 'pateysue' encountered what seems to be a similar bug during her stay in December, when she says that "after the third day [they] had severe diarrhoea and were unable to leave the hotel room", and once they felt well enough to leave their room they discovered that "at least half the hotel had gone down with this bug." She says that she "reported it to customer services who denied that 4 people had been taken by ambulance to [the] hospital due to dehydration", but the "Thomas Cook rep […] agreed that some people had been taken to hospital but [they] did not consider this a problem."

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Illness caused by contaminated water supply

If the water supply being used by an all-inclusive resort or its suppliers isn't clean, the disease can soon begin to spread. Waterborne illnesses such as Cryptosporidium, Cyclospora and E. coli O157 can be contracted to a variety of different ways, meaning that you don't just have to drink a glass of contaminated water to become ill. If the water being used to grow and clean fruits and vegetables are also infected, these harmful bacteria and parasites can be transferred to them, and subsequently to you.

Contaminated water could ruin your package holiday

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Risk of food poisoning

Catering is often a balancing act and unfortunately, it can be common for a hotel buffet to make the error of serving too much food in poorly heated containers. Cold food can soon become home to holiday ruining diseases, and placing fresh food on top of meals that have been allowed to cool doesn't help.

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The importance of housekeeping

Hotel housekeeping teams are on the front lines when it comes to combatting illness. This means that if they cut corners or don't ensure that hotel rooms are thoroughly cleaned, hazardous pathogens can begin to spread, especially if any of the guests are suffering from food poisoning during their stay.

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Claim compensation for your holiday illness

If you've suffered a bout of holiday food poisoning or become ill due to a lack of effective hygiene processes while staying at an all-inclusive hotel on a package holiday, then under The Package Travel Regulations 1992 you might be able to claim compensation from your tour operator.

We can advise you within a few minutes if you have a claim and if we represent you we can do so on a 'no win no fee' basis. Our travel law specialists can provide you with a free no-obligation consultation during which we can advise you of your rights and the best way to pursue your claim.

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