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Reports of sickness and diarrhoea at the Jaz Aquamarine in Egypt

We've been contacted by several holidaymakers who have informed us that they have suffered from a sickness and diarrhoea bug that they believe that contracted at the Jaz Aquamarine. They have reported to us that they were subjected to a number of questionable hygiene practices, some of which may have resulted in their health being compromised.

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Jaz Aquamarine in Hurghada, Egypt

The Jaz Aquamarine is located in the exceptionally popular Red Sea resort area of Hurghada, Egypt and offered by TUI-owned tour operator First Choice. The all-inclusive resort is advertised as a package holiday to families with children who will enjoy using the waterparks that include a variety of swimming pools and water slides. The hotel is also advertised as featuring a couple of buffet restaurants as well as à la carte dining options, but it appears that a potential lapse in hygiene standards has resulted in British tourists becoming unwell.

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Reports of holiday ruining illness and hygiene issues

The holidaymakers who contacted us say that they returned to the Jaz Aquamarine after staying there earlier in the year. When they stayed before, only one member of the family was sick, but believing this to be a one-off occurrence they returned, and this time further members of the family became unwell. They say that they suffered the debilitating symptoms of a gastric illness, including vomiting, profuse diarrhoea and abdominal pain such as stomach cramps.

They reported to us that they encountered a number of concerning issues while dining at the hotel buffet, where flies could be sighted buzzing around and landing on the food, much of which was being left out for guests at lukewarm temperatures. They even informed us that they were served undercooked chicken during a meal, which may be the cause of their illness.

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Why it's important to properly heat food

While heating food usually ensures that it tastes better, it does serve an important purpose, in that it helps to prevent us from getting sick. Food hygiene standards such as the HACCP have existed for years and serve to ensure that food is cooked to adequate temperatures and that temperature is maintained once it has been prepared.

Cold food is a holiday health risk

High-risk food needs to be cooked through thoroughly and to a temperature that ensures that any harmful bacteria or parasites are eradicated. If this isn't done and meats such as chicken is served still pink, it's possible for bacteria such as E. coli O157 and Campylobacter to survive, causing you to spend your holiday in your hotel bathroom rather than by the pool.

Once food has been safely cooked it needs to be kept at a reasonable temperature, otherwise any hazardous pathogens could take hold and begin to multiply, undoing the good work that has been done in preparing it safely.

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All-inclusive hotels should be tackling flies

Flies pose a big risk to the health of diners at all-inclusive hotel restaurants. They're naturally attracted to faecal matter, which as is commonly known contain a wealth of harmful bacteria and potentially parasites, and when flies land on faeces they can pick up particles on their legs. Once they land on your food these particles can be transferred, resulting in consuming faecal matter and making yourself unwell.

Hotels should be taking steps to prevent flies from buzzing around and landing on the food that they serve, something which can be achieved by ensuring that buffet food is covered, as well as installing deterrents such as bug zappers and other devices.

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Claim for holiday illness compensation

If you've encountered hygiene issues such as these on an all-inclusive package holiday and suffered an illness abroad, then under The Package Holiday Regulations 1992 you could be entitled to claim compensation. This regulation relates to your contract with your tour operator and dictates that they should be taking reasonable steps to ensure your safety abroad. If they fail to do this they could be in breach of their contract with you, and you may be able to claim holiday illness compensation.

It only takes a brief free no-obligation consultation with one of our travel law specialists to find out if you're able to make a claim, and if we represent you we can do so on a 'no win no fee' basis.

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