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Raw food and stomach sickness reported at the TUI Sensimar Cabo Verde

6th March 2018

A recent guest at the TUI Sensimar Cabo Verde in Cape Verde submitted a TripAdvisor review reporting several problems with the resort, with stomach sickness being among them. The review, as well as others, pointed out issues with the all-inclusive resort's food, stating that it was sometimes served undercooked.

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The TUI Sensimar Cabo Verde

The Sensimar Cabo Verde Resort offers a relaxing oceanfront setting only a short walk away from Algodoeiro Beach, with the shops and restaurants of Santa Maria only a short drive away. The resort itself boasts a number of facilities, including several restaurants, three bars, a spa and a gym. In terms of accommodation, the resort offers 302 rooms.

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Holiday makers report raw food, stomach sickness and diarrhoea

On the holiday review site TripAdvisor, The TUI Sensimar Cabo Verde averages a 4.5 out of 5 rating based on 756 reviews, and is rated number 3 out of 20 hotels in Santa Maria. Unfortunately, these reviews are not reflective of every guest's stay at the resort.

A TripAdvisor user by the name of 'pm1015' left a review titled 'Number of issues - beware!'. In the review, there were reports of several issues highlighted with the resort, the most prominent being a "severe bout of sickness and diarrhoea" which the writer suffered while staying at the resort. The sickness was so bad that 'pm1015' was confined to their bedroom for a few days.

Another reviewer by the screen name of 'sher813' left a review titled 'Could have been perfect' in which they report that the food served in the buffet restaurant was often "Tepid at best" and that they were served "raw pork" on skewers. When trying other options on the menu, they found that "prawns and mussels were unrefrigerated and tepid" and went onto express the opinion that this was a "recipe for food poisoning"

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Food poisoning and stomach sickness

If you are suffering from food poisoning while abroad then it is likely you will experience diarrhoea and vomiting, stomach pain and cramps, as well as weakness and fatigue. If you think you have been infected, then it is vital you visit a GP immediately to receive a proper diagnosis and treatment. It is also important to note that diarrhoea and vomiting may lead to you becoming dehydrated, so it is vital you drink plenty of fluids.

Sick on holiday?

Food poisoning and stomach sickness can occur for a number of reasons. The main culprit is usually when food is not thoroughly cooked enough, stored in the correct conditions or has at some point come into contact with someone who is ill. Poor hygiene can also create conditions where cross-contamination occurs, meaning harmful bacteria will become exposed to the food.

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Food hygiene responsibility at all-inclusive holiday resorts

If you fell ill while staying at an all-inclusive resort that offered buffet facilities, then regardless of which stage of the supply chain contamination occurred, your tour operator may be to blame. Tour operators who provide package holidays are responsible for taking steps to ensure the safety of their customers abroad; this extends to food and its contamination.

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You may have a claim

If you were ill on an all-inclusive package holiday, or any other sickness you think may have been caused by the standards of the resort, then under The Travel Regulations 1992, you could have grounds for a compensation claim. Our law solicitors can offer you a free no-obligation consultation, in which they can advise whether you are eligible to make a no-fee claim.

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